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“Road maintenance - Pavlikeni” Ltd is situated in the town of
Pavlikeni and fulfill its activity in Central North Bulgaria.
Near to the town passes the layout of the future highway “Hemus”
project. In the future nearby the town of Pavlikeni will be build transport
infrastructure to serve the highway.
“Road maintenance - Pavlikeni” has been founded as Limited
Company. Until the 27th of July 2005 year “Road maintenance - Pavlikeni”
was part of the State Road  Administration and after that it has been privatized.
Before privatization “Road maintenance - Pavlikeni” had been responsible
about national and municipal road network maintenance in the Municipality of
Pavlikeni, Municipality of Svishtov and Municipality of Polski Trambesh.
After the privatization “Road maintenance - Pavlikeni” works
primarily on the maintenance of the municipal road network Municipality of
Pavlikeni and Municipality of Suhindol.
To fulfill the tasks “Road maintenance - Pavlikeni” has all the
indispensable machinery - snow plows, sandspreaders, rollers and loaders. The
company also has small sized machinery to fulfill provided tasks and also has four
basic bases in the towns of Pavlikeni, Polski Trambesh, Suhindol and Svishtov.

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